It’s another year and a time for new beginnings.

People are making new resolutions to achieve their set goal.

The resolutions could be for personal development or a business goal.

No matter what your resolutions may be, you need to focus to make them a reality. 

The Power of Publishing Has Gone Public

If perhaps one of your resolutions is to publish a book this year, then this article is for you.

We want to help you make a giant stride. To do this, it’s important that you realise that the power of publishing has gone public.

Many years before the advent of the internet, it was a common practice for people who experienced tragedy to help others avoid such experience. 

They were able to achieve this by publishing a book through a traditional publisher. Today, you can publish your book by yourself because the power of publishing has absolutely gone public.

Thanks to continuing advancements in digital technology and print-on-demand resources, more people who want to make others aware of a worthy cause can have a professionally published book.

If you believe writing is an arduous task, then technology has further made it easier. All you need is to use a free tool online that converts voice to text. There are so many of them online but I will recommend the Speech Note Tool Speech Note tool.

When Nwaigbo Tochukwu Leonard, a Medical Laboratory scientist graduated from the university, he had a distasteful one-year internship marked with irregularities. 

An unpleasurable experience he believes most medical graduates go through before securing a placement.

However, Tochukwu went from living in the depths of regrets to discovering the need to share this experience to help other medical students become aware of the reality around securing a placement and how they can tackle it. 

He literally moved from seeing the experience as “unpleasant” to a path he needed to go through before sharing his experience.

Tochukwu published his book, “Preposterous! My Medical Internship Story…,” a book he published online. The book got the attention of many graduating medical students. He posted it on Nairaland and got people requesting for the book

What are you waiting for? 

Digital publishing empowers anyone to publish a professionally designed book, maintaining complete control of the content, rights and marketing.  

You can publish your book by yourself. All you need is to make sure you connect with your readers. One way to do that is to share your experience. People are early waiting to learn from your experience.

Strategia Media Nigeria is here to help you simplify the process.