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We are committed to excellent service delivery. 
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About Us

Strategia Media Nigeria is a digital marketing and idea management firm that helps individuals and corporate organisations create a visible brand by deploying strategies that promote engagement and awareness to drive sales. The company stands to bridge the gap between promotion and awareness by delivering sales.

We are committed to excellent service delivery. We concern ourselves with the goal our clients plan to achieve; giving every project the required concentration it deserves.

“We know that there is an unfathomable need for ‘moment to moment’ experience in the digital space. So, Strategia Media has positioned a mix of its services to specifically meet your needs”.

Before executing any project, we develop and deploy strategies that will drive sales and increase brand awareness. This is the reason you can be sure of getting the right results.

Our Passion

Our passion is to see businesses thrive while achieving their marketing objectives. We do this by delivering results, thus giving you time to do more in your area of core competence. The Strategia Media team achieve this by focusing on each task as they come, making sure we deliver results.

“Your goal on each project determines the strategies we deploy in helping you achieve your desired result and we stay consistent with the same message across all platforms”.

We know that consistency is important in the digital space, so we make sure that we are consistent with your brand message across all platforms using the right tools.

What We Represent

Strategia Media is made up of a team of dynamic young men and women dedicated to what they do. Our core values are: accountability, transparency and integrity.

“We want to leave your audience with the ‘wow’ experience. This effect will make your brand be the first name that comes to their mind when they think of a product or service in your industry”.

Because of our years of experience, we have discovered that you cannot win the wallet share if you don’t have the mindshare of your audience. This is the reason you need to consistently send the message out to create brand visibility. So that when it’s time for your target market to take decisions on what product or service to buy, yours comes first.