Joseph Akajo is a small business owner whose firm was growing at a rapid pace; good at multitasking, he delivers on projects before timelines. This made him earn the trust and confidence of his patrons. 

As his business continues to thrive, he became busier by the day. Caught in the routine of meeting the demands of his business needs, he lost out on opportunities because he can no longer meet up with timelines. And would willingly turn down business opportunities to protect his brand reputation.

Then, he considered hiring full-time employees but gets constricted by his finance. Frustrated by the constraint, Akajo lowered his standards; hired people who lacked the essential skills in his industry with a plan to train them to satisfy his organization demands. Since this was the affordable means to solve his problem.

Guess what? 

Only a few of his staff learnt so fast and could adapt to the pace required to deliver projects on time. Cynthia Laurence his most skilled staff resigned for a better offer somewhere else. The story was the same for other staff who had mastered the needed skills to help grow the company. They resigned one after the other to join other companies ready to offer them better pay. Akajo kept finding himself in this circle every year. This situation affected the growth of his firm.

Hold on! Before concluding that Akajo was a bad boss who didn’t want to pay good salaries to keep his employees. Remember, he got caught in the circle of using people who were not skilled at what he does and then trains them to become professionals. When you consider the value of the process of training in monetary terms, you’ll agree with me he has invested a lot.

You can’t change the fact that there will always be an organization in your industry who pays their employee’s better than you do right now. So instead of focus on it as a weakness, think of ways to work around it.  Also, people will not stop changing their jobs because they want better pay.

What can you do, if you find yourself in Akajo’s situation? I will advise you to hire a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant will help people like Akajo execute and complete their projects at a reasonable fee.

There are so many benefits you get when you hire a Virtual Assistant. Just to mention a few:

1. You save the cost of purchasing office equipment and computers. Virtual Assistants use their own equipment and computers. Also, you need not set up an extra desk in your office for an assistant. They can work from anywhere.

2. When you hire a Virtual Assistant you only pay for the hours of work done.

3. You can hire a Virtual Assistant to work for a specific number of hours per month. And you can also keep them on a retainer to guarantees availability. Some Virtual Assistant work on a per-project or per-hour basis.

You can also learn how much a virtual assistant salary should earn

Highlighting the advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant is not the focus of this piece but this article focuses on the things you need to do before hiring a Virtual Assistant.

1. Define Your Needs Before You Hire

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The responsibilities of a Virtual Assistant are enormous and what they differ.  

So, you need to highlight what you want to do before hiring a Virtual Assistant. Identify clear responsibilities you expect the Virtual Assistant to do. Make sure you spell them out with full details. Doing this will help you set a clear timeline on each task you hand over to the Virtual Assistant.

2. Consider the Virtual Assistant Skillset

Virtual Assistant Skillset

There are different Virtual Assistant out there and they have different Skillset. After you have defined your needs, you need to hire a Virtual Assistant that has the set of skills that can meet your business needs. This can be stressful because as a business owner you have to interview different people until you get the right person with the desired skills. Why go through this stress, when there are organizations who offer Virtual Assistant Services; it is the easiest way out. All you need to do is engage them and they will meet your business needs.

3. Know if they are Available

Virtual Assistant Availability

If peradventure you need to meet with your Virtual Assistant, then availability is key. You need to know if your Virtual Assistant works full-time or per time. Ask your Virtual Assistant if he or she is available in the evenings or weekends (this is important if that’s when you want the person to do the work).  Find out about your Virtual Assistant time zone.  

While there is nothing wrong with your Virtual Assistant working per time, you need to maintain communication with them to know if there will need to increase their responsibilities as they deliver results.

4. Do a Background Check

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Do a background check on your Virtual Assistant knowing if they have a reputation issue. Also, check on their social media pages to know about their ideology about certain issues. Do not forget to check their use of grammar, check for spelling errors, etc. A Virtual Assistant that is not detailed enough will handle your task shabbily.

5. Get a Reference

Ask your Virtual Assistant if they can give you a list of people they have worked for in the past. This is important so you don’t hire the wrong person. This is where I’ll advise you to stick with organizations who offer Virtual Assistant Services.

No matter how enormous the task is, keep calm and hire a Virtual Assistant.