When establishing a business, you want to optimize your startup cost for effective performance. 

At this point, you can’t afford to pay a Graphic Designer and a Web Manager to help you manage your websites or make your designs. But one thing is certain you need to make designs that resonate, also write a piece that will attract the attention of your target audience.                                       

The story of Michael exemplifies it all.

Michael started a new business and needed to create designs for his social media platforms. He also needed to write a compelling sales copy to increase the sales of his business. 

This was a challenge for Michael owing that his previous work experience was not in line with his new endeavour. So, he thought to himself, “I will be better off paying a Graphic Designer to help me with my designs.”

Then he hired Shaun Dike an experienced Graphic Designer whose charges were exorbitant for startup businesses. Being a professional Dike produced beautiful and responsive designs.  This was not all, as Michael also needed to write a  persuasive sales copy for marketing to attract new clients. So, he hired the help of Daniel Kris a Copywriter to help him with it.

On all front, Michael was busy spending his startup funds with little streams of income coming in.

This was the challenge!

The meagre amount he was making as sales were so insignificant compared to his spending.

It was only a matter of time for him to run out of funds and then get frustrated.

He quickly realized and then leveraged on online tools that will help him solve those problems.

You don’t have to go through the same level of financial stress, Michael went through.

To avoid such stress, you need to learn about online tools that can help you solve this challenge.

In this article, I’ll reveal secrets that will help you surmount this challenge. And these secrets are online tools you must have come in contact with when surfing the internet, but you never noted them. Meanwhile, they are very important to your startup.

#1. Simple Online Design Tools

Design is an essential aspect of branding when starting a business. Your posts, banners, featured images, brochures, web images, social media posts etc. all need design. Even though we know that Graphic Designers are skilled to make good designs, these free online design tools have created a level plain field for your designs to compete with theirs.



This is an online tool used by graphics and non-graphics designers. It is a simplified graphic-design online tool. It uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photographs, vectors, graphics, and fonts. Both non-designers and professionals use Canva. You can use the tools for both web and print media design and graphics.

Design Wizard

Design Wizard

Just like Canva, it very easy to use. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel they’ve taken the time to create thousands of template for you to use for your designs. It also has drag-and-drop features that make designing for non-graphics designers easier.



This is another simple tool you can use for graphic designs. The tool allows you to create designs of all kind and published in popular formats.  

With Crello, it doesn’t matter if you are experienced or not, the tool will guide you through making good designs. 

#2. Easy to Use Writing & Editing Tools

When developing written content I often advise beginners to use simple tools flexible for many reasons. These simple tools make writing easy. You can use them for simple grammar editing, like a notepad where you can use to develop your first draft, etc. Here are a few of them:



This is an online application designed for note taking, organizing task lists, and archiving. 

Evernote helps you turn your ideas into action making it easy to capture your thoughts and access your information whenever you need it.

Google Keep

Google Keep

Google keep is an alternative to Evernote. You can also use it to capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. Speak a voice memo on the have it automatically transcribed.



Whether you are writing a mail, an article or a sales copy you need to check for grammatical and spellings errors so you don’t pass the wrong impression. 

This is where you need Grammarly. It is an online tool that checks from grammatical and spelling errors. It proofreading resources check against over 250 grammar rules and it can save you from embarrassment.



After checking for grammar and errors, you will need to edit your writing to make it easy for your readers to comprehend. Professional Writing Aid can be your personal coach. ProWritingAid is more than a grammar checker. It further helps to edit for style and also mentors you in one package. Good writing depends on much more than just being correct; you must go the extra mile. This is what ProWritingAid does for you.

#3. Professional Blog Guide

Now that you know the simple tools that can guide you, it’s important that you also develop your skills. You can do this by following professional in the areas where you need to develop your skills. For Michael, he needed to develop skills in writing sales copy. So, if you are also needing the same skills I’ll recommend:



This platform is a wealth of information useful to any bloggers and content creators. 

The platform guides you on how to write a good piece for Content Marketing, Copywriting, Freelance Writing, Social Media Marketing, etc. 

It’s a wealth of information that helps you to develop useful marketing skills that will affect the bottom line of your business.

Smart Blogger


Thinking of a strategy for your blog? Then as a startup, you need to learn from blogging superhero Jon Morrow. This is another platform that will guide you on all you need to know about developing to perfect content that resonates with your audience. You’ll literarily see people read, respond and share your content after learning from Jon Morrow.

There are so many tools out there for startups to use. But in my years of experience, I believe the tools mentioned above are the basics that will guide and help startups grow the business.

Try these tools out and let’s know what you think.