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With our team of professionals, you can be sure that we will surpass your expectations. We care about your ideas, let us ignite your ideas to make it a profitable venture.

What We Do:

Content Development

Strategia Media helps individuals and corporate organisations to meet their content needs by developing a well-crafted content suited to their needs. Our content service comprises of all forms of written communication.



Web Audit & Development

We offer bespoke web audit and development services, with the aim of making organisations understand how a website should function. Does your website take time to load? If yes, then you need to carry out an audit of your website to know the reason(s) for the malfunction.



DIY Services

Our Do-It-Yourself services are designed for small businesses seeking to thrive in a seemingly harsh business environment. Strategia Media DIY portfolio covers the following: Online Marketing, Website Development, LinkedIn Marketing, Google for Business, Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook Marketing, How to Make Money Blogging, DIY Press release, DIY Editing and Proof Reading for your content, DIY Digital Publishing.

Virtual Assistant Service

Our Virtual Assistant Service portfolio is designed to give you more time to face your area of core competence, while we take up the burden of engaging with your target audience across all platforms.



Online Advertising

Strategia Media offers targeted online advertising services across all platforms to help individuals and corporate organisations meet their marketing goals by connecting them directly to their target market.



Digital Publishing

We select the right digital publishing solution(s) for your books and publish them online. We help you reach your target audience with the right production and marketing procedures. Thinking of publishing your book? Look no further, we are here to help you publish your books. This is just a dial away.



Social Media Management

Starting and maintaining a positive presence on social media requires time and expertise. We help you save time so that you can focus on your area of core competence.  Strategia Media helps organisations to monitor, filter and measure the social media presence of their brand online.


Explainer Videos

Our explainer videos are easy to understand giving full details of your products and services in a short video. We make the videos funny, educational and explanatory for your audience to easily consume them.




Strategia media training packages cover certain areas that require specific attention. Our training service is customised to suit your business. We’ve structured our training package to help organisations and individuals improve their competence and skills in areas that will help market what they do.


Our Products


Resume Writing


Letters (Personal, Business),


(e)Books (Fiction, Non-fiction & Faction)


Essays (Expository, Narrative, Persuasive, et cetera)


Conference, Workshop and Seminar papers


Executive profile


Corporate profile


Business proposals


Business plans








Web content


Church sermons




Digital Outputs


Audio/Visual File Transcripts


Training & Workshop for Church Media Team


Do-It-Yourself Trainings


Digital Identity Management


LinkedIn Profile Optimisation



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We are delighted that you have taken your time to know what we do. Don’t delay your project anymore, your success is just a click away. Peradventure you want to handle the entire process yourself, then we will be glad to put you through our DIY services. As we take our time to understand what your project entails, our team of professionals are always ready to brainstorm and provide you with solutions that guarantee the best result.

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